Humanitarian Support Foundation to Help Sale Pumpkins at the Grace Network Pumpkin Patch

Each year Grace Networks hosts an annual pumpkin patch in city of Martinsville. There are a variety of pumpkins and gourds available to purchase by the community but more importantly with each purchase Grace Network receives a portion of the purchase cost to help local families in need. Grace Network supports the community in a couple of different ways. One of the major things they do is assist people with rent and utilities bills. This could be in the form of a higher than normal power bill to an unexpected medical cost that prevented someone from being able to pay their rent. Last year over $200,000 went to help people in the Martinsville and Henry County community in the rental and utility assistance program alone. They also support people in our area by providing food as needed from their food pantry. This food pantry is very different than most as they actually allow people in need to come into the pantry and select items they know will be used. This helps to prevent waist and empowers people for the future. In 2015 over $97,000 of food was given to those most in need in our community. The pumpkin patch sales help to support these vital program and the Martinsville VA office has worked with Grace Network in the past on this event and again helped to sale pumpkins at the pumpkin patch on October 22 and 30. The Humanitarian Support Foundation VA offices looks forward to continue to help Grace Network in the near future.