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Humanitarian Support Foundation VA Office Hosts a Blood Drive during November

The Humanitarian Support Foundation VA office hosted the Danville Regional Medical Center Blood Drive on November 19, 2015. Over 15 pints of blood were collected during this event, and it is estimated that with each donation approximately 3 lives are saved. As a thank you to all those who donated they were given a gift of a T-Shirt or umbrella of their choosing.20151119_103016


Humanitarian Support Foundation VA Office Grace Network Food Drive

img_20150925_114948The Humanitarian Support Foundation VA office completed a food drive to benefit Grace Network during the month of November. Employees were asked to bring in non-perishable food items, as well as hygiene products and even house hold cleaners to help restock the shelves of this organization right before the holidays.

20150923_120159Grace Networks helps people who are experiencing a difficult financial situation with rent/housing assistance, utility assistance, as well as feeding program for those in need. People are able to go to Grace Network and shop through their panty to ensure they are getting items they will use to avoid waste. Employees collected hundreds of items to donate. The VA office also organized a “Spirit” week to have fun dress up days and charged one can of food for participants, some of the most notable days included comic book day, Humanitarian Support Foundation Day, and Blast from the Past. The Humanitarian Support Foundation VA office looks forward to future opportunities to help this worth-while organization.


Humanitarian Support Foundation VA adopts the SPCA of Martinsville & Henry County in November

20151110_084340Each Tuesday during the month of November employees went to the SPCA each week to help get animals ready to be sent to bigger organizations that help these animals find their much needed forever home. Humanitarian Support Foundation employees work closely with the SPCA staff to load puppies, dogs, kittens, and cats into carriers and ready for transport.1103150858a

During the month of November employees helped to earn money on behalf of the SPCA by volunteering during a local furniture sale hosted by Hooker Furniture. Employees helped wrap and load purchased furniture and half of all funds earned during this sale were donated to the SPCA. The Humanitarian Support Foundation VA office has been dedicated throughout the year to this worthy cause and wanted to help the SPCA finish the 2015 year out strong. 20151114_080311

Humanitarian Support Foundation VA Office Partnered With the Salvation Army to Prepare a Lunch on October 14, 2015

On October 14, 2015 the Humanitarian Support Foundation VA office partnered with the Salvation Army to prepare a lunch to provide to those in need in our community a free meal. The lunch is held each week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and serves between 15-50 people during this time. The Humanitarian Support Foundation VA office has adopted the second Wednesday of each month to make the meal as well as serve food and clean up to help this amazing organization. The Humanitarian Support Foundation employees prepared a casserole as well as corn, refried beans and fruit cocktail. During the event we had over 40 people attend and had to make a second meal of chicken alfredo to serve all of the hungry patrons. The Humanitarian Support Foundation VA office looks forward to helping with this event throughout 2015 and hopes to raise awareness for those in need in our community.

Salvation Army


Humanitarian Support Foundation Employees Helped to Serve Concessions During a Rooster Walk Event

Humanitarian Support Foundation employees helped to serve concessions during a Rooster Walk event on October 10, 2015 in Virginia. The event held in Uptown Martinsville included 3 lives bands and numerous vendors to help grow the Penn-Shank Memorial Endowment Scholarship Fund as well as the Rooster Walk instrument donation and repair program created in memory of former Humanitarian Support Foundation employee Todd Eure. The festival also helps to bring people back to uptown Martinsville by including a scavenger hunt in the festivities to encourage people to visit various uptown attractions such as the Virginia Museum of  Natural History, the Dick and Willie Trail, the New College Institute and various other uptown attractions. The winner of the scavenger hunt Jessie Ward received 2 free VIP tickets to next year’s Rooster Walk Spring festival valued at over $300.00. The event had over 500 in attendance and raised over $7,500.00. The Humanitarian Support Foundation VA office is committed to help with future events with Rooster Walk.

Brewster Walk