Humanitarian Support Foundation Volunteers at the Virginia Museum of Natural History Reptile Day Exhibit

On October 23 and 24th the Virginia Museum of Natural History held their annual Reptile Day Exhibit. This event helps teach kids about reptiles including various types of snakes, turtles, lizards, frogs, and even an alligator. Cold Earth Encounters staff and animals were on hand during this two day special. On Friday October 23rd the museum was open to local schools to allow students the chance to see and hold animals. Kids were broken up into small groups and taken into different portions of the exhibit. The Humanitarian Support Foundation VA office helped on October 23 during the classroom visits of several local schools. Humanitarian Support Foundation employees helped to lead kids through the exhibit and even got to hold a few animals. The event continues on October 24, 2015 opening to the public attracting thousands of visitors to the museum including out of state enthusiasts that wanted to check out the cool animals on hand. The Humanitarian Support Foundation looks forward to helping with future events through the Virginia Museum of Natural History.