Humanitarian Support Foundation VA Adopts the SPCA During the Month of August


The Humanitarian Support Foundation VA office adopted the SPCA during the month of August. Employees volunteered throughout the month to help support this organization. Each Monday during August employees went to the SPCA facility and washed puppies that were about to leave for another Shelter. In total close to 100 puppies were washed during this time. Kittens were also helped during Humanitarian Support Foundations visits as employees held warm compresses to kittens fighting eye infections to help minimize swelling and ease the kittens discomfort. Employees also attended the Smith River Fest and worked at the SPCA booth. They helped to walk dogs and puppies around the festival providing information about the pet and the SPCA to help these animals find their forever home. The Humanitarian Support Foundation VA office employees were very excited to help the animals in need throughout the month and look forward to continuing to help this great local organization.